About Mould Worx

SPECIALIST company Mould Worx provides focused and customised mould remediation and hygiene cleaning services for small and large-scale domestic and commercial projects.

From mould-contaminated building contents and mould-damaged walls and ceilings to whole building remediation projects, Mould Worx can project manage and supervise works from beginning to completion of remediation works.

Mould Worx also specialises in the HVAC hygiene and mould remediation of commercial and domestic split and ducted air conditioning systems.

Although mould can be found almost anywhere, elevated amounts of mould are most likely found in areas where there are wet building materials and where there has been water damage.

Common sources of moisture include leaking pipes, sewer backups, moisture condensing on cold surfaces, high humidity environments, leaky roofs and flooding events.

The Mould Worx team is highly trained to get to the bottom mould issues to ensure a healthier living or working environment.

All staff are accredited and have, as a minimum, the following competencies: Mould Hazard Awareness training, Certificate 1 in Mould Investigation and Remediation, Police Clearance, Lockholders Electrical Isolation and OHS Medical Fitness for Work, and are subjected to monthly and random on-the-job drug and alcohol testing.

Mould Worx and its parent company Mycologia have dedicated professionals who offer a complete service for any indoor air, mould, chemical pollutant or biological problems.

They offer a holistic approach to restoring balance in the indoor environment through the use of environmentally friendly products and chemical-free cleaning.

The companies’ highly professional in-house mould cleaning and remediation crews are available for small and large-scale domestic and commercial jobs.

Mould Worx also has exclusive access and working connections to an Australia-wide network of accredited and trained mould remediation companies that have successfully completed mould training courses and conducted extensive mould remediation projects.