About Mycologia

When it comes to mould, Mycologia is AUSTRALIA’s leading (ISO Certified 9001) environmental consultancy and laboratory.

With a nation-wide capability, Mycologia provides indoor air quality and mould investigation services through its Australia-wide network of investigators and remediators.

All Mycologia service providers come accredited with Mycologia’s highly regarded mould training courses.

By focusing on providing quality training courses and concise, practical and scientifically based information to clients, Mycologia has maintained an unparalleled reputation for delivering quality information, advice and project management services.

Mycologia empowers its clients with concise and easy to understand information, so they can make informed decisions supported by solutions, alternatives and a scope of works.

As an educator, Mycologia explains the science behind indoor air quality issues and mould.

Managing Director Dr Peter Kemp said the dangers of mould should never be underestimated.

“Since moulds are part of nature, people are exposed to them daily,” Dr Kemp said.

“Most people exposed to background levels of mould remain health, but individuals exposed to abnormally high levels of moulds can experience adverse health effects.

“These include allergic reactions, infections or toxic effects.

“Biological agents are found in many sectors of employment and also within households.

“They are rarely visible and so you are not always able to appreciate the risks they pose, which is why it’s important to have expert assessment.”

Founded as a family business in 2004, Mycologia has quickly grown from its headquarters in Perth to having offices and laboratories in Melbourne, Sydney and Karratha, and is now servicing all areas of Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

In partnership with its subsidiary Mould Worx, Mycologia has a large pool of dedicated professionals aimed at providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for any indoor air, mould, chemical pollutant or biological problems.

With the wellbeing of clients in mind, the company takes a holistic approach to bringing back balance in the indoor environment through the use of environmentally friendly products and chemical-free cleaning.