More healthy building courses at Mycologia

When clients provide feedback, the professionals at Mycologia listen and in response to growing demand are pleased to announce the release of two new training courses.

Graduates of Mycologia's highly successful courses in identification, assessment and remediation of environmental hazards such as mould have voiced a desire for more.

Cedric Cheong, Director, trainer, risk assessor and former lecturer in Environmental Science at Murdoch University and Notre Dame University said
Mycologia has responded to this demand, as well as an increasing interest in
health and safety issues, by developing more advanced courses.

"Mycologia is all about scientific, evidence-based solutions and the exciting thing about our courses is that they allow us to share knowledge and skills that are up to the minute and specific," Mr Cheong said.

"This provides our graduates with the tools to make informed decisions regarding environmental health in both industrial and commercial sectors."

Cedric and colleague Kevin White, also an Environmental Scientist with specialist expertise in contaminated site and methamphetamine mitigation, are coordinating a course titled “Hazards in the Commercial and Domestic Environment”, covering environmental hazards and contaminated sites.

"This course will provide information about how to recognize and respond to chemical and biological hazards, both airborne and on surfaces," he said.

"This knowledge is of benefit to professionals such as occupational hygienists, facility managers and Health and Safety Officers in all types of buildings including factories, hospitals, universities and commercial offices."

The second new course is titled "HVAC Hygiene - Best Practice Guidelines" and follows on from the 2010 AIRAH publication of the same name. The course details key requirements to ensure a HVAC system is hygienically clean and key post verification criteria.

Practical case studies and scientific publications will be drawn upon to highlight the process of identifying and verifying hygiene cleanliness of a HVAC system.

The course is delivered by mycologia's key HVAC expert Wayne Midson who brings with him a wealth of practical and technical skill in the area of identification and remediation of HVAC systems. Wayne holds NADCA qualifications as well as being Australia's qualified trainer for the application of AERIS HVAC bioenzyme products.

Cedric also indicated exciting changes in the training department by the end of the year with new streams and courses being specifically developed in the inspection, remediation and management of mould and indoor air quality, based on the Australian Qualification Training Framework. Keep your ears and eyes open for this exciting development.  

Both courses run for one day and are now on offer in Sydney, Melbourne and
Brisbane and also in other regions on request.

For more information on these exciting new programs, check the Mycologia course schedules at or send an
email request to