We provide you with solutions - we don't just identifying your problems!

You can have confidence when you choose Mycologia because we are Australia’s only Indoor Air Quality Consultants with an integrated management system incorporating the principles of ISO9001 and ISO14001 and AS4801 for our Investigation Protocols, Testing & Monitoring Procedures and Laboratory Practices.

Whatever you are concerned about from allergens, house dust, to toxic chemicals, traffic fumes, contamination in your air conditioning systems or to any type of air pollution; you can trust that we have the equipment and expertise to conduct any indoor air quality testing.

3 Simple Steps to Good Indoor Air Quality

  1.  Check you are getting enough Fresh Air (most systems are set to recycle or don't have fresh air intake)
  2. Check that your Ventilation System is Clean 
  3. Minimise or eliminate sources of indoor air pollution 


We Already Know What Your Problem Is

You benefit from our many years of experience and education in the built environment, which means that we already understand your building or your home and its problems - inside out.

We know how your air conditioning system works, we know how the design and materials used in your building may affect your health, and we know how your building can get damaged or deteriorate over time, and, you get a detailed report on how to fix all your problems.

Your detailed list of simple solutions will make sure your home or your building is returned to its normal healthy state and to make sure your problems never come back.


Your Specific Needs for Indoor Air Quality Testing

Your particular problem will require a tailored approach to the types of measurement you need. 

Don't waste your time or money on things you don't need.

The following is a list of the standard types of measurements that can be included depending on your particular needs (you can see a more detailed description of Indoor Air Quality parameters by clicking here):

  • Visual Inspection Of Your Entire Property to check for the most obvious causes of problems.
  • Detailed Inspection of your Air Conditioners and/or the HVAC System to check they are hygienically clean
  • Carbon Dioxide(CO2) as a measure of your fresh air supply
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Testing as a measure of combustion by-products and traffic fumes in your building 
  • Airflow measurements to measure blockages in your supply air stream
  • Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Levels to check your comfort levels
  • Dew Point Temperature to detect moisture problems
  • Surface Moisture testing to check for moisture damage
  • Airborne Dust (Suspended particulate Matter) at 1 Micron, 2.5 microns and 10 microns to measure your cleanliness and filtration effectiveness
  • Airborne Chemicals as Total VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) to check for toxins in your air 
  • Airborne Microorganisms including Mould and Bacteria to check for your general contamination and hygiene levels.
  • Surface Mould And Bacteria sampling to check for your general surface hygiene and contamination.
  • Infra-Red Camera to detect hidden moisture damage and poor thermal insulation points you might have
  • Endoscopic Cameras to inspect your building cavities for hidden mould damage
  • Robotic Cameras to inspect hard to reach Air Conditioning Ductwork and ceiling voids.
  • Odour Testing Unit available on special request to identify your recurring odour problems


Adjunct Services You Might Need:

  •  You can also receive Expert Advice on OHS Issues with Indoor Air Pollution in buildings
  • You can have a Risk Assessment for domestic and commercial buildings
  • You can use us as Expert Witness in legal proceedings


Your Written Report

When you receive one of our reports, we provide you with detailed information on the composition of your indoor air, all your potential sources of pollution, and explains why the levels of indoor pollutants detected in your air will, or will not, affect your health.

You dont need to be a scientist to understand our reports because we deliver your results in plain English with an explanation of the science behind the measurements. We keep your recommendations to a list of simple solutions to make your home or your office the healthiest place to be.