3 Secrets other Laboratories don't want you to know

  1.  They Can't Identify Mould Species  - they just give spore counts - OR - they get us to do it.
  2. They Don't Know What Your Mould Samples Meanuntil they've read our books or have done our courses 
  3. There Are No NATA Accredited Mould Labs - it doesn't exist, other labs try to fool you by leaning on their accreditation for some other substance


Australia's First Dedicated Mould Laboratory 

With an ever increasing focus on legal cases around mould in Australia, choosing the right laboratory to do your analysis is now more important than ever. 

You can have confidence when you choose our laboratories because we are Australia’s only Mould Laboratory  with an integrated management system incorporating the principles of ISO9001 and ISO14001 and AS4801.

Your laboratory team have analysed thousands of air and surface mould samples and your report will be more comprehensive than any other laboratories.

You get the benefit from our years of experience when we interpret the results of your samples.

The report you receive in plain English that is clear and easy to understand.

If you have a mould problem, our team will not just identify the nature of the problem, but we will offer simple advice on what steps you need to take to reduce or eliminate your mould problem. 


What You Get:

  1. Australia’s Most Qualified Experts analyse your mould samples in person
  2. Your  Mould Species are identified, and we tell you  what caused it to grow
  3. Fastest Turnaround of any australian laboratory in 24 hours
  4. We can analyse Any Substance Or Material you send to us
  5. Air Samples and Surface Sample for either quick analysis or detailed speciation
  6. Your report is written in Plain English that explains the science clearly and simply
  7. Easy To Read Graphs & Tables
  8. You get easy Step-By-Step Instruction on how to eliminate your mould problem
  9. Phone and On-Line Consultation at no additional cost 

Are we More Expensive? 

Not if you want value for money. We don't charge the lowest prices for a reason. It's more important that we give you scientifically accurate results and lasting value, not just cheap prices. That's why Australia biggest companies trust us for quality mould analysis. 

Our prices include written reports and free online and telephone consulting, check the fine print with other labs, these things are not included.