Mould is in the air - Increase in mould complaints and illness

A surge in mould complaints and reports of visible mould growth compounded by health symptoms ranging from headaches to persistent coughs have prompted Mycologia to issue a statement providing some simple tips for mould management  ... Continue Reading

A Disease Without a Cure Spreads Quietly in the West

Up to 160 people are dying each year from a new Fungal disease in the US Southwest and there are thousands more affected people who are facing years of disability and surgery  ... Continue Reading

Mold Exposure During Infancy Increases Asthma Risk

Infants who live in "mouldy" homes are three times more likely to develop asthma by age 7—an age that children can be accurately diagnosed with the condition. Study results are published in the August issue of Annals of Allergy ... Continue Reading

Surprising ways your hotel room could make you sick

YOUR hotel room may look clean, but all may not be as it seems. From the desk in a hotel room being home to 400 times more bacteria than the toilet, to 10 per cent of the pillow being made of dust mites and their poo ... Continue Reading

Vinegar vs Bleach

Increases in new onset-work related asthma (WRA) due to bleach exposure in the work place has prompted the AOEC to designate bleach as an asthmagen. The AOEC carefully reviewed mandated reporting of work-related asthma ... Continue Reading

Can an Anti-Fungal Foot Cream Really Do Battle with HIV?

A study has found that the antifungal drug Ciclopirox kills HIV in cell cultures -- and the virus doesn't bounce back when the drug is stopped ... Continue Reading

Is it Mould or a Cold

That stuffy nose, sneezing, and congestion.  The itchy eyes and nose.  The wheezing and coughing of asthma.  Is it a simple cold or allergy to mould?  Mould allergy is one of the major causes ... Continue Reading

NIOSH Alert:

Preventing Occupational Respiratory Disease from Exposures Caused by Dampness in Office Buildings, Schools, and Other Nonindustrial Buildings ... Continue Reading

Facts about Stachybotrys chartarum and Other Moulds

CDC - Center for Disease Control and Prevention: I heard about "toxic moulds" that grow in homes and other buildings. Should I be concerned about a serious health risk to me and my family  ... Continue Reading

Q: If you cut mould off food, is it then safe to eat?

 We've all been there. You go to make a quick sandwich for lunch, only to find the cheese is sporting a blue and white bloom and the bread is covered in white fluffy spots.  Can you attempt a rescue operation by cutting off the mould or ... Continue Reading

New Way The Body Fights Fungal Infection Discovered

As fungal infections become more resistant to current drugs, this ground breaking research may directly lead to the development of new drugs and therapies ... Continue Reading

Asthma Linked to Cat Allergies And Fungus Exposure

 Cat allergens were found to account for 29.3 percent of the asthma cases, followed by the fungus Alternaria at 21.1 percent ... Continue Reading

Homeowners Say Chinese Drywall Making Them Sick

A Lakewood Ranch mother is paying the mortgage on a new home that she says she can't even live in ... Continue Reading 

Lawsuit says Kanawha school board ignored mould problem

The mother of an Andrew Jackson Middle School student and a teacher are jointly suing Kanawha school officials over sickness they say is related to mould at the school ... Continue Reading 

Diagnosing an allergy to mould

As medical tests for diagnosing mould allergy are notoriously unre­liable, the best way to determine whether or not it is causing you a problem ... Continue Reading 

MOULD: Everything you didn’t want to know

Exposure to mould can cause throat, eye and nose irritations, respiratory complaints or allergic reactions. The most vulnerable ... Continue Reading

Factsheet 24: Mould 

 As a tenant you have rights under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 and Regulation. This factsheet discusses mould in rented premises ... Continue Reading

Western Australian Department of Health

Western Australian Department of Health


Indoor condensation can cause damage to fabrics, discolour paint and wallpaper but, more importantly, it promotes conditions suitable for the growth of mould ... Continue Reading

Does mould cause asthma?

Living with mould is never a pleasant experience, whether it's clinging stubbornly to kitchen tiles or creeping along bathroom walls ... Continue Reading

Cleaning Mould

If you do discover that you’re playing host to a mould colony, the clean-up process is labour intensive, but can also be relatively simple ... Continue Reading

The case of the never-ending flu

In the winter of 2010, CHOICE video producer Darrin Baker was suffering from a seemingly never-ending flu. Having tried to wait it out ... Continue Reading

Officials: Mould so bad in some High River homes, residents will never be allowed back

CALGARY- The bad news continues in the town of High River, which was ravaged by the June flood. On Friday, dozens of residents ... Continue Reading