Mould Insepction & Remediation

Dear Dr Kemp

We wish to thank you and your team for the care and attention you have given to the inspections and work being carried out at our unit in XXXX Street.

We appreciate every effort that can be made to restore our lives to somewhere near normal again after three years of upheaval, even though Bill’s medical condition is unresolved.

Best wishes

Kay and Bill 


Mycologia Mould Cleaning Sheet

Thanks very much for your answers to my questions.  I also really appreciate the mould remediation guidelines!  It certainly clarifies a lot.  I studied microbiology at uni and so found it easy to understand and great to have the details of all the info which can’t be put into a summarised version such as the cleaning sheet.

I’ll soon be off to buy a horse hair attachment, a good HEPA filter and some naturally brewed vinegar! J

I’ll also look out for the revised cleaning sheet which I’m sure my friends who also have mould problems will find useful.  They’ll also get to know the Mycologia name as one they can trust given all the confusion and misinformation out there about household mould.

Thanks again for all your help!

Kind regards


Killarney Heights, NSW